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Blue-Art Photography
As photographer I have already 25 years experience in model photography. With this site I want to present my work, and the possibility I have to deliver a quality product. I am specialized in glamour- and art photography. On the next pages you can see the style of my pictures.
My own style is "blue-art" photography. With these pictures I try to show the artistic and sensual nude in a special and different way. Pictures like this can only be made when there is a trustful agreement between model and photographer. For a photoshoot in this style I like to talk things over with the model so there will be no misunderstandings. I don't want to take advantage of the situation concerning nude pictures. I just want to work with the model in a professional way so everybody can be satisfied about the pictures. I learned that experience is not absolutely necessary, it is the expression of the face and body that's important. Showing the sensuality of a woman is the pleasure of my work as photographer. By this way I want to thank all the beautiful and sympatic girls I've already worked with. They inspire me every time to bring out the best. I prefer to work with models who are strongly motivated and give themselves a 100% for a photoshoot. If you're interested let me know so maybe we can arrange something. For any more questions feel free to contact me. I am located in Antwerp, Belgium. Thank you very much and enjoy the site.
At a certain moment I wanted to create my own style of artnude photography and started to look for something original. I didn’t want to make pictures like the ones you always see everywhere on sites or in books (with all my respect), I wanted to make something special, something of my own. I did shoot a lot of models using all kinds of lightning and poses but I wanted to find something no one ever did before, at least not the way I do it. For over 2 years I tried a lot of things and ideas, shoot a lot of models using all kinds of different lightning and that’s how I developed my own style of “blue-art” pictures I am doing now.